Monday, November 21, 2011

The Red Panda

I love red pandas. Everything about them. They are so fat and so adorable it is amazing! :) When I went to the zoo over the summer my boyfriend and I were freaking out over them and hung out at the red panda area for a good 15 minutes just looking at them.

Luckily for me mozilla firefox has a live cam of 3 adopted red pandas from the Knoxville Zoo. Even though this only makes my stalking habits worse, I will make an exception.

Red Panda at the Toronto Zoo :3

Red pandas are small arboreal mammals that are native to the eastern Himalyas and southwestern China They kind of resemble a mix between a raccoon, panda, fox and cat. They have reddish-brown fur and long furry tails and waddle around (which is another reason why tare so wonderful).

They mainly eat bamboo, but red pandas are omnivorous and can also eat small rodents, birds, eggs and insects. Sometimes they also eat fruit, roots and acorns.

At the Toronto Zoo they are fed banana, apple, hard boiled egg yolk, cottage cheese, pablum honey, bamboo and vitamin and mineral supplement to ensure that they grow strong.

Red pandas are nocturnal and usually spend the day sleeping and relaxing and trees and become active from dusk to dawn.

They are currently an endangered species mainly because of pollution and deforestation, which destroys the red panda's nesting sites and their main source of food (bamboo).

You can help red pandas by visiting zoo websites and adopting red pandas! There are lots of website and zoos that promote the adoption of zoo animals. There are also many other species that can be adopted and that need your help! So maybe for Christmas this year give the gift of love to an animal that needs it :)

Here is the link for the red panda cam:

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