Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 11/12th

Happy belated pocky day to everyone haha. I was lucky enough to get a box of pocky from someone special!

More importantly, I came home from the weekend (I was in London) with goodies.

The first thing that I received was this awesome LEGENDARY guitar pick punch! It is called the "Pick Punch" and essentially you stick a card (like a credit card or gift card) at the bottom and push on the handle and it makes a custom made guitar pick!

I fell in love with it when I got it. I saw pictures of it online but I had no idea that it actually existed. When I got it as a gift I was so amazed. Pushing down on the pick punch is so satisfying and I loved using it to the point where I pulled out my drivers license and was totally ready to make a guitar pick of my drivers license. I also thought it would be awesome to make a pick out of my health card picture because my health card picture SUCKS and I hate looking at it hahaha. Luckily someone stopped me from making guitar picks out of cards that I kind of need to live my life.

I ended up making a Holt Renfrew one and another one from an old Starbucks gift card!

Another thing I got was this extraordinary hippopotamus pencil cup! It actually stands up but I like to put it on its stomach and look at it haha. My room is undergoing transformation and there is a bunch of crap on my desk so I haven't started using it as a pencil cup yet, so for now it is my desk friend haha. Forever alone.

Lastly, I got this tea infuser called the "Tea Rex" LOL. It is so freaking cute I am in LOVE with it. Basically you open the head and stick your tea leaves and loose tea inside of it and then close the head and put it in your mug of hot water. There are little holes in the head for the tea to brew and then you hang the chain outside of the mug.

I had seen a picture of it on tumblr and was absolutely DELIGHTED to find it in my bag of goodies :)

Only problem is my hippo and my tea rex do not seem to be getting along...
(Insert hungry hungry hippo jokes here)

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